"Sometimes the metamorphosis does not end, it puts us in the hybrid and leaves us there."  

Sheikh Hamidou Kan


Maud Louvrier-Clerc is an artist working mainly in the field of design, visual & performative arts.

Her main research interests are identity, imprint & interdependence.

And her artwork is linking art, science & spirituality.

Born on June 22, 1976, she lives and works in Paris. Her work is regularly presented in solo exhibitions, such as: in 2024 for The Architects at the white room gallery in Paris, From sky to plate  in 2022 at the Jardin des ifs in Gerbeory, The big Dive at Conservatoire des Arts de Montigny le Bretonneux, Climate, the new Apocalypse? in 2018 at the Castle of Angers or  Oustide, inside in 2016 at the villa Savoye in Poissy.

Maud Louvrier Clerc also participates in biennials and collective exhibitions, such as: the 'Festival of Repairs' at the Climate Academy in 2023, Water Consciousness at the House of Norway in 2022,  'How innovation creates history?' at Dubai Design Week in 2018, 'The senses of beauty' at  the Biennale internationale de Design de Saint Etienne in 2015 at the Château de Bouthéon.

As part of her research, the artist provokes meetings with scientists and entrepreneurs around art and science in order to bring out possibilities. In 2012, she made her first artistic residency at the Institute of Desirable Futures. In 2014, the artist created the JEMONDE protocol, a poetic and citizen exploration of the Anthropocene integrated into the program «Humanities, Art & Society» UNESCO, which it has since deployed with many partners such as the Ministry of Ecological Transition or L'Occitane in Provence.

Artistic approach

How the creation of the universe was possible ? Why I came into the world ? How the transition from the inert to the living, the indidivual to collective, takes place ?

I have been seeking the answer to those questions to since my childhood. I spend this one in the suburbs of Paris where my neighbors are Australian, Swedish, Filipino, German, Dutch or Cameroonian explaining my singular awareness of belonging to the same world but governs an incredible diversity and my taste for exchanges.

Passionate about economics and biology, inspired by philosophy and astrophysics, I develop a reflection on evolution. It is no coincidence that my approach is transdisciplinary. Identity, interdependence and imprint are the main themes of my work linking art and science. The practice of dance and music have deep resonances in my research and explain junctions between immaterial psychological architectures and visible and environmental architectures. I use paper as a basis for work and then deploy my reflections on multiple mediums, from poetry to theatre, visual arts to design and even architecture.

My work cannot be understood by a fragmented vision or by medium. It is revealed to the one who has the curiosity to draw a thread and enjoys building links between my artworks, like a child