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La Maison des Centraliens Paris

What's inspire you? by Maud LC for LVMH executives, 2014

 ART AS EXPERIENCE “ The task is to restore confidence between the refined and intensified forms of experience that are works of art and the everyday events, doings, and sufferings that are universally recognized to constitute experience. ” John Dewey

How can we account for our experience? Experience occurs continually, as we are always involved in the process of living, but it is often interrupted and inchoate, with conflict and resistance. If an experience is something that personally affects our life, it is in its essence very difficult to capture. 

The luxury industry is quite familiar with combining art and organization. Yet, it is always managed inside each “Maison”: from Guerlain to Louis Vuitton…how could we imagine co-creating together? The Paris session was organized as a journey where participants were invited to experiment what they really share: A vision of luxury! Through a step-by-step approach starting with an inspirational moment in a silent room where several pieces of art by Maud LC were displayed, each participant was invited to express his/her personal vision and then to share it with a group. This aesthetic experience involved that participants went through disturbance to reach harmony and led to cross-fertilization. In the end, five definitions of luxury were co-created by executive leaders of the most incredible group of luxury in the world. 

A print  book is has been made to describe the singular and personal act of experiencing art that took place on March 6th at the LVMH EXPERIENCE session in Paris’ Maison des Centraliens.

Enjoy. By Zvelyne KUOH  at executive Art

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